Faisal Alqasim Dakingari

Vice President/Lead Construction and mining

Faisal's journey in the construction industry began early in his career, where he gained practical experience working on various architectural projects. He has successfully contributed to the design and execution of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, showcasing his creativity and innovative thinking in every project. Moreover, Faisal has demonstrated a keen interest in the realm of mineral resources like gold and commodities trading. Through his involvement in this sector, he has developed a comprehensive understanding of the market dynamics, valuations, and risk management strategies.

His ability to analyse market trends and make informed decisions has proven crucial in maximising profits and mitigating risks for his clients. Faisal possesses excellent architectural design skills, utilising the latest software and tools to create visually stunning and functional structures. He has a deep understanding of sustainable design principles, ensuring that his projects are environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. Furthermore, Faisal's experience in mineral resources trading has equipped him with exceptional analytical skills and a sharp business acumen.

He is adept at conducting thorough research, identifying potential investment opportunities, and making strategic decisions based on market trends and economic indicators. Faisal Alkasim Dakin Gari is a young architect with a unique blend of experience in construction and mineral resources trading. His dedication, skills, and ambition position him as a promising professional, capable of making a significant impact in both the architectural and commodities trading sectors.

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