Captain Ibrahim Isah

Chief technical and Enforcement Officer

Captain Ibrahim Isa is a seasoned and accomplished aviator with a wide array of experience in aviation trading, mining trading and exports, as well as defence supplies and logistics is the chief technical officer of DIIFS Crystal Offshore Limited. With a successful career spanning years, Ibrahim has demonstrated exceptional skills, knowledge, and expertise in various domains of the aviation and trading industries. In the field of aviation trading, Ibrahim has played a pivotal role in facilitating the acquisition, sale, and leasing of aircraft and related equipment. With a deep understanding of the aviation market, he has been involved in negotiating contracts, conducting market analysis, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Ibrahim's expertise in this area has contributed to the growth and success of numerous aviation trading ventures. Ibrahim's involvement in mining trading and exports has allowed him to gain valuable insights into the extraction, processing, and trading of minerals. He has been instrumental in establishing partnerships with mining companies, managing the supply chain, and overseeing ine export of various minerals to international markets. This experience has honed his knowledge of global commodity trading and the intricacies of navigating the international mining industry. Ibrahim possesses excellent flight skills and demonstrates utmost professionalism as an aviator.

experience in aviation trading, mining trading and exports, as well as defence supplies and logistics, has equipped him with a deep understanding of complex business operations, market dynamics, and regulatory frameworks. Alongside his technical expertise, Ibrahim is highly organised, detail-oriented, and possesses exceptional problem-solving skills. He thrives in dynamic environments and is able to efficiently manage projects and teams to accomplish objectives. brahim Isa's impressive career as an aircraft pilot, combined with his diverse experience in aviation trading, mining trading and exports, and defence supplies and logistics, showcases his versatility and proficiency in multiple domains. His expertise and dedication make him a valuable asset with a proven ability to effectively navigate the complexities of these industries.

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