Bunker Services

Diifs Crystal Well Limited is an independent bunkering solutions provider servicing the oil & gas (downstream and upstream), dredging, shipping and fishing sectors within the WAF region. Diifs Crystal Well Limited supplies bunker fuels and related products and services for vessels operating in the WAF region. Thanks to our in-depth local knowledge we are able provide tailor made solutions for each bunkering request. Our dedicated team of bunker traders always work to provide the optimum bunker solution for you taking all aspects into consideration and our goal is to always minimize your vessels idle time and ensure more nautical miles per dollar. Physical Supply of Bunker Fuels- We supply various grades of gasoil with a special focus on low sulphur marine gasoil. Through our growing fleet of dedicated bunker tanker vessels & motor tankers, we offer tailored physical solutions to fit the unique bunkering & fuelling needs of our individual clients; whether they are offshore or onshore. We offer MGO (LS), VLSFO (380 /180), MDO & AGO. In most locations we guarantee ISO specifications (Editions range from 2005-2017) • Reselling- Through our unique physical supplier networks, we are enable to cover the entire market and fulfill clients request even at locations where we cannot supply physically. As part of this service we provide comprehensive market reporting information to keep clients informed of day-to-day developments in the bunker markets, which will assist our clients in their marine purchasing decisions. Technical Solution The technical procedure for fueling our clients assets are always thoroughly evaluated. We have designed our solution around 5 key operational/technical areas. including:

    In line with requirements of BIMCO on efficient bunker supply, RAL has developed a fastidious logistics to ensure bunkers are delivered in a timely fashion. RAL (in collaboration with our partners) control a fleet of 2 bunker tankers ranging from 300MT and 1000MT. All our assets are classed, local content compliant. Please see matrix below describing our assets.
    Our field operations department is made up of MARPOL trained superintendents. These superintendents serve in conjunction with top rated STS inspectors (BV, Intertek primarily) to ensure proper standards (according to OCIMF STS transfer guidelines) are in place during all ship to ship & ship to tank transfers. They ensure that proper mooring equipment are utilized during every single operation & also ensure quality assurance throughout the period of the sts which could include duties ranging from sampling and transporting samples for quick testing.. They also minimize discharge losses by ensuring that calibrated meters (calibration done every 6months) are utilized during every discharge. The below are a list of specific areas our technical superintendents are trained to cover. In-field Bunker Operations (Physical loading & discharge) Ensuring products being delivered meet customer's spec (ISO/ NNPC DPR spec) On the ground interaction with Nigerian Navy and other agencies On the ground community relations.
    The quality of our service delivery is largely hinged on the quality of fuels that we deliver to our clients and we do not take this for granted. Through our strong relationships with international traders, refineries & offshore suppliers, we have access to the highest standards of bunker fuels including the LS oil (180/380) fuel oil spec. Our product typically originates from major refineries & supply routes in Europe & Asia and is shipped down to Lome where it is loaded onto our vessels via STS transfer